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About me

Olga Kiendler

Hi, I am Olga and I am your Leadership Mindset Coach and certified RTT Therapist. I also hold the Executive MBA from the London Business School. 

My career path led me to live in various geographies and work in different industries. I held senior positions in the corporate world and successfully ventured into entrepreneurship.

One common denominator in my 22 years of working experience was the need for change, transformation and personal growth. Building up resilience and a strong mind, empathy and sane judgement free of any previously acquired beliefs and experiences are just some of the attributes required to thrive in this rapidly changing world. Not to mention self-awareness and freedom from whatever is holding us back or feels like a burden.

I believe that our power is within us, not around us. Let us grow your personal power together!

You will benefit from my impactful programs whether you hold a C level position, are an aspiring manager/team leader, a stay home parent, athlete, young talent wanting to reach a higher level or are looking for a change.

Be the best version of yourself for yourself, whatever the “best” means to you.

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