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I met Olga couple of years ago, when I was stuck in my private life which led to my depression

I thought no one could help me as I'm a very independent and well accomplished strong man who never believed in extracurricular methods.

But Olga did !
Her sincerity, genuineness and deep knowledge really helped me overcome my mental blocks and transformed me.

Fund Manager, 55

Dear Olga

I want to use this opportunity to thank you once more for your help in passing my practical driving test in August 2019

When XXX first suggested that I have therapy sessions with you to help reduce the inherent anxiety I have about driving which was made worse by the road traffic accident I had in April, I was skeptical that it will help.

However, following our first session and listening to the taped record of it most nights before going to sleep, I started feeling more confident in my driving lessons. I also started believing in my ability to actually pass the test. I found myself chanting some of the positive phrases from the session when feeling anxious even now that I have passed the test and it helps. 

Although you kindly gave me another session just before the test which I appreciated, I found that the first session alone has done the job. I don't know how as I have never had RTT before but glad that I took the chance. 

You are good and your voice was very soothing. I will recommend it to anyone with anxiety or confidence issues.

Thank you once more for your kindness

N. Admin, 58

I was feeling very anxious over the past years. I couldn’t drive on the highway or take longer road trips. I would get panicked and had to stop, my sight would darken and narrow. After only one session with Olga I could take my car and drive for 3 hours to my hometown. I didn’t even think of stopping and felt great!

A. Utility manager, 22

I felt stuck with things I wanted to do. I couldn’t put my voice out there and object other people. I couldn’t say “NO” without feeling pain in my stomach. After my session with Olga I just felt so different. The more I was listening to my recording the more I was growing strong. I didn’t even realize how quickly things have changed. I started my own clothing label a month after the session,  I learned to be more resilient and I can now say “NO” without the slightest feeling of guilt. I recommend working with Olga, she has such breath of knowledge and experience. Her business background is a great asset for women like myself who sabotage themselves. 

A., Business owner, 45

I was suffering from panic attacks and hypochondria for 20 years. After one session with Olga it was all literally swept away. I still can’t believe that I didn’t have a single panic attack since my first (and only) session. I am so grateful for this gift. It has set me free after 20 long years of suffering. I had lost my job due to my condition many years ago and never looked for another one that suits my professional level. Two months down the line and I not only am I free from panic attacks but I also have a new job, the one I love. Thank you, Olga. You are a true gift.

I. Accountant, 48

I felt truly relieved after my session with Olga. I always had great results at work but my private life was falling apart. I felt disconnected and like I had no life. I was unhappy despite all the success I had. I am grateful for the change I am experiencing. I am a much better leader and companion. Thank you.

E. CEO, Fund manager, 52

I lived my entire life feeling ager and heaviness inside me. I couldn’t control aggression and anger I felt every time I faced even the slightest disappointment or disagreement. After only one session with Olga I felt relieved. My family noticed the change in me, I was calm and more relaxed. The feeling of burden disappeared. The second session brought the final breakthrough. I wished I knew about RTT before. It has deeply changed my life and the relationship with my closest ones as well as with my coworkers.

M. Manager, 55

I had OCD. It was gone after two session with Olga.